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MMGS Bespoke Garden House

MMGS Bespoke Garden House

MMGS Bespoke Garden House


£19k - £24k


3m x 7m

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MMGS Bespoke Garden House
with PentRoof / Flat Roof
Fully insulated Wooden Garden Office with double door and two or more windows.
The studio is made from high-grade FSC® certified northern Scandinavian redwood. It is fully insulated and lined, and the exterior is coated in an attractive colour choice of either Cream, Sage, Flint or Willow micro porous paint that will protect the wood throughout the seasons.

Fully modifiable made to your individual order.. we are open to your ideas and needs.
Just tell us what you need.
Fully finished inside and out.
  • Delivered and erected by MM Gardens-Services

  • Crafted from FSC certified Scandinavian redwood

  • Under 2.5m high to meet modern planning requirements

  • Double glazed throughout

  • Toughened glass for durability

  • Fully insulated walls, floor and ceiling

  • Internal vertical pine lining T&G can be painted or stained. Can be finished with smooth plaster if you wish to modern look

  • Falls within modern planning regulations

  • Available in 4 colour options – Cream, Sage, Willow & Flint but can be upgraded to coloured PVC or Hardie Plank cladding

  • You can add kitchen annex, bathroom or additional bedroom or office room with internal walls

Main framing: natural , pressure treated Scandinavian pine 2"x4" timber 
Thickness of walls - 12 cm - pine smooth finish Scandinavian shiplap cladding

or 18mm with Hardie Plank finish with 21 colours and 2 textures
Thickness of floor and roof boards- 18 mm moisture water resistant OSB3 boards
Roof overhang 15 -25 cm to protect walls from rain water with guttering around.
Roof cover material: Shingles felt roof with a life expectancy of at least 15 years
Insulated walls , floor and ceiling with Rockwool 100mm - can be upgraded to Celotex
External dimensions (width x depth) 240cm x 420cm  - or any required size
Internal dimensions (width x depth) 220 cm x 400 cm
Door lock, door handle, 2 keys, bolts
PVC Double doors (Double glazed)
Two PVC Single windows (Double glazed) or more if you wish.
Height of the house: 2,5 m.
Height of sidewalls: 200 cm.
Area of the floor: 16,8 m2
Anti Rot Warranty 10 years

ask for estimated delivery cost

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